Choose RIN Central Hotel and benefit from the best deals.

Our gift to you

For you, our special offer includes:

Two Wedding Rooms on wedding night and champagne on the house;

  • Tasting the menu for 2 people before the event;

  • Special rate for accommodating guests in the hotel;

  • Impression book;

  • Table front (different colors);

  • Cloth napkins wrapped with hammock;

  • Presidium table arrangement (saten, taffeta and organza);

  • Shawls, tulle (different colors).


  • Floral arrangement table chair;

  • Floral arrangements;

  • Green roses and roses for decorating the ceiling;

  • Arcade of flowers and organza at the entrance to the hall;

  • Pillars for marking the entrance with floral arrangements or bowls of glass with candles and flowers;

  • Bouquets for the bride, the bride and the bridesmaids;

  • Simple or helium balloons and various balloon arrangements;

  • Custom menus;

  • Seating cards invited;

  • Testimonies from tulle and organza;

  • Table pebbles;

  • Table mirrors;

  • Gift box;

  • Photo;

  • Video;

  • Sound and DJ;

  • Lights;

  • Artists and Bitter (with detailed offer, MC, DJ);

  • Spectacle of professional bartenders;

  • Make-up and hairstyle;

  • Confetti guns;

  • Red carpet;

  • Hostess for guiding guests;

  • Quartet for welcoming reception.