RIN Central Hotel
55A Traian
Bucharest, 3, 030573, Romania
+40 213083153 | +40 720 777 590
+40 21 308 31 55

Special Events

  • Evenimente RIN Central Hotel 19

A dedicated team to make every single event unique!

RIN Central Hotel boasts an experienced team dedicated entirely to organizing festive events.
Every detail is approached and managed together. We invite you to give the start of a memorable party!

You can choose one of the two available venues:

Nicolae Iorga

Capacity: Maximum seating capacity for 80 people in formal arrangement.
Space rent is included in the menu price when a minimum attendance of 50 people is guaranteed.

Vivere Restaurant

Capacity: Maximum seating capacity for 70 people in formal arrangement, the space rent is included in the menu price.

Equipment available for free:
- AV projector
- Screen
- Sound system
- Internet
- Celebration arrangements (covers and bows in various colors)

Request an offer!
Please contact us for a customized offer. We will reply within 24 hours.
Alternatively, you can call us at the phone number: +40 21 308 31 53 or +40 731 111 402.